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Motorcycle Riding Tips for Beginners

There is no doubt that motorcycles are more efficient on gas than cars, but this does not make them any safer. In fact, motorcycles accidents are fatal when they occur, and this can be attributed to the fact that they have no airbags or seat belts. If you are a beginner, there are a lot of things you need to know before you finally hit the road. Consider these motorcycle riding tips for beginners:

Motorcycle Riding

1. Get some training

Abandoning four wheels for two wheels is never easy. You may not want your parents to help you out like they did with your first bicycle, so it is just wise that you get some training. Look for motorcycle training programs to help you master the techniques of the clutch, brake control, throttle and many others.

Practice makes perfect, so when you feel that you are up to the task, try taking your bike out without any assistance. You can find an open parking lot and use it to train.

2. Wear proper gear

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You definitely do not anticipate an accident, but let us be honest. As a beginner, your chances of toppling over are high, and you will be doing yourself a great favor by wearing a proper gear. Wear a good helmet, wear gloves, wear a good jacket, and invest in good boots. This way, you will be protecting yourself against road rash.

3. Start small and comfortable

This applies to both your routes and your bike. You are a beginner, accept it. Don’t rush to buy a motorcycle just because your best friend bought it. One more thing, train with a motorcycle that you can easily get to the handlebars while seated. As for the routes, stick to the routes you are familiar with, and if you can, avoid traffic until you have the experience.

4. Avoid peer pressure and understand your riding level

Are you tempted to pop wheelies like your friends? Well, you may be into peer pressure. If you are not comfortable with anything, don’t do. Trust your instincts, and if they tell that you are not up to a particular task, obey. Don’t go past your comfort limit, and always feel free to look for a new company if you are not comfortable.

5. Be paranoid and be prepared for the worst

With the increased cases of distracted driving, mastering defense driving is no longer an option for you. It’s sad, but it’s a reality. Some drivers would rather light a cigarette or send a message than keep their eyes on the road. What if a driver pulls up in front of you? While this may appear silly, it is always good to imagine that every driver you come across is stupid, and can do something stupid. Of course, not all of them fit this category, but it is good to imagine them this way as this will ensure that you are well prepared for the unexpected.

Every experienced rider you come across started somewhere. You too can reach their level if do it right. Master the above motorcycle beginner tips, and watch as your riding skills grow.